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How To Choose A Tennis Racket

Here are some of the key considerations when selecting the right tennis racket:

1. Racket head size

2. Racket weight distribution

3. Grip size


1. Racket head size

The tennis racket head size refers to the size of the actual hitting area within the tennis racket frame.

Tennis racket head sizes are usually defined as follows:

Midsize 80-94 square inches

Midplus 95-105 square inches

Oversize 110-115 square inches

Super oversize 116-135 square inches

A larger (oversize or super oversize) head size lets you generate more power and will have a larger sweet spot ie the area on the strings where you get the maximum response from the racket. These more forgiving tennis rackets are generally more suited to beginners.

More experienced players and professional tennis players with greater power, precision and skill will usually opt for rackets with a smaller head size ie midplus or midsize.

2. Racket weight distribution head heavy (power) vs head light (control)

If you are a less experienced player you should probably go for a power tennis racket or head heavy racket as it is likely that you have a shorter swing and less strength. Your swing alone may not generate enough power so a power racket can help to improve your game.

More experienced players will tend to choose control rackets which are head light or have the weight more evenly distributed through the racket. As these rackets have more weight in the handle they can absorb more shock than a lighter racket and therefore appeal to players who already generate a lot of power by themselves.

Head light rackets are also be great for generating spin, manoeuvrability and net play, again something a more experienced player will be looking for from their tennis racket.

3. Grip size

Tennis racket grip sizes/measurements available are shown below. The grip sizes convert from US sizes to UK sizes as follows with size 1 being the smallest and Grip size 5 being the largest:

4 1/8 = 1

4 1/4" = 2

4 3/8 = 3

4 1/2" = 4

4 5/8 = 5

Most juniors using full size tennis rackets choose grip size 1 or 2, most women opt for grip sizes 2 or 3 and most men opt for grip sizes 3 or 4.

Various junior tennis racket sizes are also available.

Here is a guide to junior tennis racket sizes. This is an indication of the appropriate junior tennis racket size only as it will also depend on factors such as the ability and strength of the junior.

For Age 11 to 12 Height 142cm - 157.5cm (4 ft 8 in. to 5 ft 2 in.) choose a 26.5 inch racket.

For Age 10 to 11 Height 142cm - 157.5cm (4 ft 8 in. to 5 ft 2 in.) choose a 26 inch racket.

For Age 8 to 10 Height 132cm - 142cm (4 ft 4 in. to 4 ft 8 in.) choose a 25 inch racket.

For Age 6 to 8 Height 119cm - 132cm (3 ft 11 in. to 4 ft 4 in.) choose a 23 inch racket.

For Age 6 and under Height under 119cm (under 3 ft 11 in.) choose a 17, 19 or 21 inch racket

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