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Victor S82 AF shoe, simply designed but functionally sophisticated.

With the upper of the S82 is made of breathable mesh, but also resilient, stable and durable. The lateral outside is reinforced with TPU to provide greater support during side-to-side movement. 

Used by Yvonne Li and Ties Van Der Legq



V -SHAPE 2.5 STANDARD – Designed to reduce excess space of front shoe for Greek-type-toes.

CARBON POWER – The three-dimensional carbon fibre sheet provides midsole stability and decreases torsional strain on the foots arch.

BREATHING – A unique breathing mesh layer on the side of the shoe is used to increase ventilation creating a more comfortable environment for the feet.

VS R ANTI-SLIP – With this upgraded outsole rubber, slip resistant performance increase on dry PU floor.

ENERGY MAX V – Improves the shock absorption on the heels when striding forward. Strengthens the rebound ability of the heels during speed defence. The shock absorbability is increased by 27% and the bounce raised by 30%.

V DURABLE + - Additional to the reliable V-Durable, the inner surface of the toe is equipped with protective coatings and a wear resistant layer for enhanced endurance.

NEO DUPLEX – Joint-friendly combination of ENERGYMAX 3.0 on top and Light Resilient EVA sole beneath by the special biomechanical layout of these cushioning layers.

LIGHT RESILENT EVA – New, highly resilient, and durable midsole. It improves the lifespan of shoes, reduces weight, increases flexibility, and lowers muscle burden during intensive exercises, which allows one to make agile movements quickly.

V-BRAKE – The V-shaped square design allows a light weight and minimized landing area, while providing the anti-slip for vertical and lateral movement. This gives you more responsive and agile footwork while providing additional durability.

NON MARKING SOLE – All VICTOR shoes are equipped with a NON MARKING SOLE. So you can be sure not to leave any unsightly marks on the floors.



  • Colour                      Bright White/Hawaiian Blue
  • Material                  Upper: Textil, V-Durable Plus, PU Leather, Double Mesh

Midsole: Light Resilient EVA, Energymax V, TPU,

Carbon Power, Solid EVA

Outsole: VSR Rubber

  • Size                            37-45,5


  • The Talon Guard system provides necessary stability to the foot and best possible protection. Due to Auto Fit technology, the shoe fits perfectly to the foot shape of the player and the shoe can be customized to fit the desired stability through the inner band. In addition the Carbon Power enhances excellent stability for athletic jumps and movements during the game. To bear the ultimate comfort with nylon mesh ventilation windows creating a pleasant air circulation. The extended front toe protection reduces damage when sliding. Product Specification - Weight: approx. 339g - Sizes: 37-45

  • RRP:£100.00

  • Manufactured by Victo

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Size 2.5

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