Squash: Raphael Kandra is European Individual Champion 2019


Choosing the Best Badminton Or Squash Footwear.

Badminton is a high paced sport which involves a lot of sudden direction changes and various lateral movements. It is one of the most extensive sports that requires speed and agility from the players. You need to be able to run from one corner of the court to another in a second to defend and attack fast moving shuttlecocks. Squash is very similar in movement and speed so the shoes for each sport are the same.For these reasons, it is  essential that you buy the correct badminton or squash footwear.

Your badminton or squash footwear is probably the most important badminton equipment that you will buy as a beginner. The sheer amount of stress that your legs and feet go through are uncanny and you will not notice it at first. Everybody wants to buy the best rackets right away but good shoes are surely a bigger factor in your playing experience when starting out.Take a look at our Footwear selection for great prices



VICTOR is specialised for decades worldwide. VICTOR shoes are victor_a960_Red-Blue_Shoe_2018high-tech products for your feet and provide the base for your success on the court. Through the extensive cushioning system the shoes guarantee the well-being of the feet.

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